There are 2 simple payment options, monthly or annually, that provide access to our services:

Annual Membership

Annual membership opens the door to the full gamut of Society Concierge's services and allows us to tailor these services to your requirements - however challenging. This begins with 24/7 contact with a Society Concierge professional in person by day, (according to your geographical location and language needs), or by telephone outside of office hours. We are available 365 days a year, even during national and religious holidays. We aim to provide a detailed option and costing to the most complex requests within a 24 to 48 hour time frame.

Monthly Membership

Monthly membership provides precisely the same services as the annual membership but without any long-term commitment. This is perfect for clients who wish to test drive Society Concierge's services or require a one-off service limited to a specific time or place. The fee is non recurrent and charged at a 15% premium.

For an additional fee we can provide you with a dedicated account manager with a specific skill set, be it fluency in a particular language or expertise in a specialized field of your choice.
Contact us to enquire further.